Digital Memo Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Digital Memo is a messaging system that distributes your blog posts across your company network. Employees are notified directly on their desktops of your latest blog posts.

Digital Memo Features Overview:

• Administration tool with RSS reader

• Automatically sends latest blog posts to desktops

• Securely distribute an internal company blog

• Free unlimited trial

Integrating your blog into the Digital Memo system is easy. Your blog posts are then automatically sent to users desktops.


• Distributes each new blog post to installed desktops

• Secure messaging over your own network

• Easily integrates with your existing blog

Digital Memo Reader features

• New blog posts automatically appear on users desktops

• Browse through posts with Previous/Next navigation

• Accessible from system tray anytime

• Clicking message will take user to blog post online

Digital Memo Administration Tool features

• Easily add your blog RSS feed

• Use internal and password protected blogs

• Select how often new posts are detected and distributed

Additional Features


- You have the option to use a password protected blog with Digital Memo. This ensures that information is kept strictly within your company firewall.

Installation with MSI

- The Digital Memo reader can be installed on multiple systems by using the MSI installer. Full instructions are provided with your documentation on purchasing.

Benefits of Digital Memo:

• Send messages to employees using your blog

• Save paper compared to printing company memos

• Stop clogging up email inboxes

For Windows XP and Vista.

System Requirements:

Blog with RSS feed

Digital Memo  Free Download screenshot